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Jeff Francoeur Trade Rumors: Royals Keep Changing Their Mind On Right Fielders Availability

The Kansas City Royals have said that they want to trade right fielder Jeff Francoeur, however the front office their front office keeps changing their mind about if they are going to trade away Francouer. One official from another club said the Royals go "back and forth, every other week" on what they plan to do.

One key reason for the Royals front office being hesitant has to do with the Boston Red Sox who are trying to trade third baseman Kevin Youkilis. Once Youkilis is gone the teams that do not land Youkilis will then turn to the Royals for Francoeur's experience and bat. The teams currently in the running for Youikilis who also could be there for Francouer are the Chicago White Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Aneles Dodgers.

The Royals feel they cane move Francouer as they feel they have a capable replacement in hitting prospect Wil Myers.

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