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Royals Prospect Wil Myers Could Remain In AAA Omaha All Season

The Kansas City Royals have one of baseball's best prospects waiting in the wings with Wil Myers at AAA Omaha, but they also have no real position to bring him -- at least unless someone is traded. For now, management and the front office loves Jeff Francoeur in right field and Alex Gordon has left field locked down with a brand new extension. That might mean Myers stays in AAA through the rest of the 2012 season.

That's also the feeling Kevin Goldstein has when looking through this year's top prospects and what to expect in terms of their arrival times in the Majors. Goldstein writes, "Myers has cooled off a bit, and Royals GM Dayton Moore has stated that the team would prefer to leave Myers in the minors all year. Myers has the ability to force the Royals' hand, of course, but there's no obvious path for him to get to the big leagues unless Jeff Francoeur is dealt."

Francoeur is, on paper, the obvious type of candidate to get dealt before MLB's trade deadline, but that doesn't take anything into account like character, team chemistry, leadership or taking the slow road on Myers.

On the season, Myers is hitting .330 with 24 home runs.