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AL Central Standings: Royals Have Reason For Optimism In Early June

The Kansas City Royals have endured their early season woes rather well, and if they can keep up their winning ways, they will likely look back at the team's determination not to lose hope under manager Ned Yost as a franchise turning point. After losing 12 straight games early on, the Royals seemed destined to fail. Now they're only 7 back in a surprisingly poor AL Central with as much reason to hope as anyone.

Young hitters like Eric Hosmer will eventually come around and the injury woes that have plagued the team early can't continue for an entire year. The Royals will only get better which spells trouble for the teams in front of them. Here's the AL Central standings as of today.

AL Central Standings

Chicago 30 23 .566 0 Lost 1
Cleveland 28 24 .538 1.5 Lost 1
Detroit 25 28 .471 5 Won 1
Kansas City 22 29 .431 7 Lost 1
Minnesota 19 33 .365 10.5 Won 1

(updated 6.3.2012 at 3:24 PM EDT)

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