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Was Luke Hochevar A Wasted No. 1 Draft Pick?

Baseball Nation's editor and lead writer Rob Neyer has this really good case for why Luke Hochevar, while a starter for the Kansas City Royals since 2008, was a wasted No. 1 overall draft selection six years ago.

After a contract dispute with the Los Angeles Dodgers led to Hochevar never even playing for the team, he picked by the Royals No. 1 overall, in the same year when guys like Evan Longoria, Brandon Morrow, Clayton Kershwaw, Drew Stubbs, and Tim Lincecum.

Those are just a few names that could have made their way up the chain Royals, while instead Hochevar has been here. The No. 1 pick in the Major League Baseball draft is the riskiest in professional sports, as no doubt the Houston Astros (who have the No. 1 pick on Monday) can attest to.

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