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Clint Robinson Set To Make Major League Debut For Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals land in Pittsburgh for today’s opening game against the Pirates in their three-game series. Along with the Royals comes a player making a landing of his own as Clint Robinson makes his Major League debut with the team after six seasons spent in the minors.

Robinson has made the long, steady ascent toward the Majors for some time now, but his solid numbers at every stop has given the Royals the proof they needed to move him up the ladder despite other prospects who receive more buzz. Robinson is well aware of the time it’s taken.

"Sometimes there’s more to it than numbers. Sometimes it’s more about opportunities," Robinson said. "With the strong Drafts that we’ve had with guys like [Mike] Moustakas and [Eric] Hosmer, it’s kind of hard to find a spot for a 25th-round senior signing. You’ve got a guy you’ve signed for millions of dollars who’s playing really well, that’s just the business of the game. So you just kind of have to bide your time and be patient and keep showing them that I’m still here, I’m doing well. … Not everybody’s going to skyrocket like all the first-round guys."

Robinson is a career .312 hitter in the minors in 620 games, so it’s clear he makes good contact everywhere he goes. He’s also displayed solid power at the plate with 23 home runs last year in AAA Omaha and a .533 slugging percentage. He’s repeated that with .500 this season and 8 home runs in 60 games.

The Royals are already loaded at key spots where Robinson can play but even if his bat becomes a weapon off of the bench, it’s another win for the Royals. Robinson has definitely earned his chance to showcase his talent at the ML level.

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