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Royals Vs. Pirates Final Score: Pittsburgh Has A 5-Run Fourth Inning To Defeat Kansas City, 5-3

A five-run fourth inning by the Pittsburgh Pirates was the difference in Saturday night's game against Kansas City Royals. The Pirates ultimately won 5-3 and in the fourth inning it was starting pitcher Vin Mazzaro who gave up the four runs in the fourth inning before being replaced.

Prior to that fourth inning the Royals had a 3-0 lead which came on a two-run home run by Yuniesky Betancourt in the first inning, and then a RBI single by Mazzaro that put the Royals up three.

The Royals offense was then held in check by four Pirates relievers who shutout the Royals over the final five innings and allowed only four hits. The closest the Royals came to getting back in this game was in the eighth inning when Eric Hosmer doubled to left, and then advanced to third base. However, no Royal player was able to get Hosmer to home plate.

This Royals have now loss five of their last seven games, including three in a row.

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