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VIDEO: Home Run Derby Brings Boos For Robinson Cano

If you missed the 2012 Home Run Derby on Monday night during the MLB All-Star Game festivities in Kansas City, then you're likely wondering what all of the fuss is about with Robinson Cano. The reigning Home Run Derby champion was back again among his contemporaries to defend his crown against the new and familiar, yet he received an enemy's welcome when he was announced at Kauffman Stadium.

Twitter was abuzz with pros and cons of the Royals-centric crowd's response, but the reason was Cano's choice to leave a Royals player out of the Derby when he had earlier stated that would be the right move. Mike Moustakas or Billy Butler would have made the best choice, but either one is a fringe candidate anyway, so it is hard to fault Cano for his choice as the captain. Then again, he shouldn't have made any promises he wasn't ready to keep.

Either way, here's just a part of the booing that Cano endured on the night. Who says there's no drama in the All-Star Game?

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