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2012 MLB All-Star Game Recap: National League Wins 8-0 Over American League

Justin Verlander, the American League's version of Superman, found the National League line-up to be his Kryptonite from the very outset of last night's 2012 MLB All-Star Game at Kauffman Stadium. The Detroit Tigers ace gave up five runs in one inning and the deficit was something that the AL could never even dent, leading to an ultimate 8-0 outcome.

Verlander gave up all five runs in the first, his only inning, tying him with Jim Palmer and Tom Glavine for most runs given up in an All-Star Game. Matt Harrison of the Texas Rangers gave up the other three runs for the AL.

Matt Cain got the win with two scoreless innings for the NL. Clayton Kershaw had the roughest single inning for any National League starter but managed to get through unscathed in the end.

As for the offense, Melky Cabrera, the former Royals OF, had the only home run off of Harrison. Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval also had three RBI.

The National League now owns the home field advantage in this year's World Series.

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