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Brian Fuentes Makes Interesting Buy-Low Free Agent After Release From Athletics

Brian Fuentes is definitely on the back side of a nice, long career as a reliever and closer with four All-Star apperances to his credit. However, he was just released after a disastrous first half of the year with the Oakland Athletics in a season riddled with frustration for Fuentes after losing out on the closer's job.

Jon Heyman writes, "Fuentes didn't get off to a good start there when he publicly criticized ex-A's manager Bob Geren for a lack of communication. (While a number of teams could use a lefty, the Mets, where Geren is coaching, prsumably wouldn't make the best match.) In an upset this spring, Fuentes was passed over for the closer's job for Grant Balfour, who never had been a closer."

In 26 games this season, Fuentes has a disastrous 6.84 ERA, but even just last year, Fuentes had a 3.70 ERA and has tremendous experience in the league for long-term success for a position that's often so volatile year to year. Perhaps a change of scenary from such a frustrating team could offer him an inspired second half for a team who could use another arm in the 'pen like the Royals.