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MLB All-Star Game: Billy Butler Grateful To Fans, Kansas City For Experience

Billy Butler went to the Major League Baseball All-Star game this year for the first time despite arguably being the Royals best hitter for the last four season. And after soaking in the atmosphere of the game itself combined with the 83rd annual game being in his home environment in Kansas City, Butler seemed quite grateful for the entire experience after the festivities, whether through quotes after the game or his own Twitter account.

"In his big-league career, this is the biggest moment for sure ," said his wife, Katie. "It's an unforgettable experience, being around all the Royals fans, and our family, and where we've been since 2007.. . . Six years here, and this is the best we've ever seen Kansas City."

"I'm very blessed," Butler said. "A lot of guys go through their whole career and make a lot of All-Star teams, and it's never in their home ballpark. So I'm definitely very thankful for this opportunity and I'm loving every minute of it."

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