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2012 MLB-All Star Game: Even Chris Perez Gives Credit To Kansas City For Great Week

The 2012 MLB All-Star Game wasn't just an exhibition of the best and brightest in the game of baseball today. It also served as a potential exhibition for Kansas City as a hidden gem of the heartland.

Events such as the All-Star Game for Kansas City or the most recent Super Bowl for Indianapolis provide opportunities for people to discover the beauty of cities that aren't typically trafficked to for the sake of larger markets or more well-known destinations. Yet just like Indy, Kansas City enjoyed its fair share of kudos this week from members of the media, fans, players and league personnel for being a great host for the last week.

Interestingly enough, Chris Perez of the Cleveland Indians even gave the city a shout out for the recent week. Given the tension often associated with the Indians closer and the Royals, it was a nice gesture from Perez and a representative nod of just how well the city handled the event.

Perez hasn't exactly made fans in KC with gestures to Jarrod Dyson or making light of the team slogan. However it's good to see that even a rival appreciated the city as the All-Star host.

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