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Kansas City Impresses MLB Officials As Host For All-Star Festivities

For the last week, the Kansas City metro area has served as the host site for the 83rd annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game and the surrounding festivities. While it's an honor to host such an event, it's also a massive undertaking and the city is placed in the spotlight -- both good and bad. Kansas City, it seems, passed with flying colors.

From the commissioner of baseball Bud Selig to the Royals own brass, KC has a lot to be proud of from the last week.

"It's been really wonderful. Every event has been sold out, even the Futures Game. All the events have been good," Selig told a meeting of the Baseball Writers' Association of America. "The Glass family, the Royals, everybody really [made this] a great thing for Kansas City.

"You can debate the economics -- is it $60 million, $80 million, $100 million, I'll let the Kansas City people do that, but it's a lot -- but I think as you watch what's happening in this community, you see how important it is to it. It's an uplifting event, to say the least, and the Royals have really gone the extra mile to make this happen. So I want to thank them and acknowledge how I feel."

Royals owner David Glass was around for the festivities and, besides walking out of a radio interview, was quite pleased with the involvement of everyone.

"I am unbelievably proud of the Royals' organization, the city of Kansas City, the county. Everyone involved just went above and beyond," Royals owner David Glass said. "Talking to Major League Baseball, they were elated with the way everything happened in Kansas City. And I talked to tons of people at FanFest and on the streets, in restaurants and at the ballpark. They'd come there and they couldn't believe how beautiful the ballpark was, how beautiful the city was, the hospitality, how nice everyone was. In looking at it and saying, 'Do you need a correction of errors? If you do this again, what would we change?' And we couldn't come up with anything. I think it went off as well as it could."

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