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Top 50 MLB Prospects: Wil Myers, Bubba Starling, Jake Odorizzi Make Keith Law's List

ESPN's Keith Law has put out an updated version of his Top 50 MLB Prospects list complete with current stat results from 2012 and the newly draft, and the Kansas City Royals come out rather well in the process. The Royals have three of the top 50 in baseball with Wil Myers, Bubba Starling and Jake Odorizzi listed among Law's favorites.

As for Myers, he ranks No. 4 overall and is the highest of the three. In fact, Law says he shouldn't even be considered a minors prospect anymore. He writes, "He hits, hits for power, gets on base and probably ends up in right field but wouldn't kill the team in center. The Royals should have promoted him Sunday right after the Futures Game."

As for Starling, he comes in at No. 13 although Law admits the small sample size is troubling. He writes, "He is off to a nice start in 10 games in short-season ball, although his ranking is more about his tools than his small-sample performance. He turns 20 in August, so he is not young for that level, and it would be great to see him get a few weeks in the full-season Midwest League before the year is out."

As for Odorizzi, he's the only Royals pitcher on the list fresh off of a Futures Game appearance. Law places him at No. 36 overall and writes, "He'll show four pitches and has above-average velocity on the fastball, but there is no knockout pitch to make him a top 15-20 overall prospect. I do love the athleticism and the ease with which he repeats his delivery."