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Humberto Quintero Catches On With Miami Marlins

The Kansas City Royals recently traded two prospects to bolster the Major League roster while players healed up, but one of those has already moved on to yet another team as the Royals had no more use for Humberto Quintero. The Miami Marlins announced that they have signed Quintero to a minor-league deal after he was released by the Royals just last week.

Earlier this season, the team traded Kevin Chapman and D'Andre Toney to gain Quintero and Jason Bourgeois. The move solidified the catcher position after the Royals lost Salvy Perez for the year. However the Royals released Quintero after Perez came back healthy, after the 32-year-old hit .232 with a .598 OPS for the team. Bourgeois remains with the Royals organization, floating between the ML roster and AAA Omaha.

Quintero is joining the New Orleans Zephyrs in AAA for the Marlins.

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