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Kansas City Royals Among Teams Going Over MLB Draft Money Allotted

The Kansas City Royals are among the teams that went over their allotted rookie bonus pool amount for this year's MLB Draftees. That means that the team has to pay a 75 percent tax of the overage. The good news is that it's not much money that they have to owe -- or any team for that matter. If a team goes over the allotted amount, then they must pay the tax, but if they move beyond a five percent rate over their budget then they also forfeit a first round choice next year. Luckily the Royals didn't have to do that. Neither, in fact, did any team.

The Toronto Blue Jays were the team that towed the line the most, according to the report from Baseball America's Jim Callis. The Royals were allowed just over $6.1 million but spent $6.25 million which puts the team at 102 percent. That means their tax total will be $111,375.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are the extreme example on the other side after not signing their top pick Mark Appel. They spent only 49 percent of their total pool allowed.