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MLB Competitive Balance Lottery: Kansas City Royals Awarded Extra Pick In 2013 MLB Draft

In baseball's first competitive balance lottery, the Kansas City Royals were awarded an extra pick in the 2013 MLB Draft.

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When the new collective bargaining agreement was reached last year in Major League Baseball, some changes were made to its First-Year Player Draft. One of the changes that seemed to go unnoticed was the introduction of a Competitive Balance Lottery, which looks to reward the 10 lowest revenue clubs in Major League Baseball, as well as teams in the 10 smallest markets.

The Kansas City Royals took part in the first-ever Competitive Balance Lottery, and came away the biggest winners. Kansas City has been awarded a comp-A pick, and as it currently stands, that pick is the No. 32 pick in the entire draft -- so it's not just a throwaway pick Kansas City was given.

Interestingly, this draft pick can be traded, with a caveat. The picks awarded in the Competitive Balance Lottery can only be dealt during the regular season. The picks can be dealt at any point between now and July 31, and once again when the 2013 regular season starts next week, all the way up to the day leading up to the 2013 First-Year Player Draft.

Draft picks can only be traded once, by the team that was awarded the pick.

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