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MLB Trade Deadline: Buster Olney Analyzes Moving Jeff Francoeur

As the trade deadline approaches, the Royals are definitely going to be looking to make moves. Toward the top of that list is Jeff Francoeur, who at this point has become expendable due to the development of younger players and his own expensive contract.

Read Buster Olney's analysis here:

Is this Kevin Youkilis II? Not at all. Because while Youkilis was generally unhappy, Francoeur has an important presence in the KC clubhouse. Why would the Royals simply give away a healthy player whom they're already going to have to pay, anyway?

And while some Royals fans are clamoring for Myers with the presumption he'll be an upgrade, consider what's happened this year with Eric Hosmer, who has had a tough season despite the fact that he continues to be regarded as one of the top young players in the majors. There's no guarantee that Myers will hit right away, which means that KC won't be in the giveaway business with Francoeur.

Francoeur is hitting .256 with seven home runs and 24 RBIs this season.

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