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MLB Trade Rumors: Royals Interest In Paul Maholm Makes Sense

The Kansas City Royals definitely need to find help any way they can get it, and it's likely to take trading prospects they've stored up to find the answers that they need. The team has reportedly been checking out options that make sense for the next couple of seasons, and the Chicago Cubs have been mentioned on multiple occasions for Matt Garza. But the Cubs have another starter who makes sense in Paul Maholm -- and he'd come much cheaper than Garza.

Of course, Garza is definitely the better pitcher and Maholm has been league average for most of his career. However the Royals lack even a few of those types of pitchers so Maholm would definitely serve as an upgrade of some kind. He'd also come at a nice cost to KC.

Mark Polishuk writes, "Maholm has about $1.97MM still owed to him in 2012 under the one-year deal he signed in January. The contract also contains a $6.5MM option for 2013 which could be a key factor for the Royals, who are known to be looking for veteran pitchers who are controllable past 2012."

The Royals will get some arms healthy and some prospects to move up in 2013, but the team is still a long way from feeling good about their rotation. Adding a piece this summer makes sense as the team begins to gel for the long haul.

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