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MLB Trade Rumors: Giants Reportedly Interested In Royals Closer Jonathan Broxton

The Kansas City Royals are likely to move a veteran piece or two if the price is right before the upcoming MLB Trade Deadline at the end of July given the state that the team is in relative to the AL Central and other wild card playoff possibilities. While they might buy a starting pitcher for the long run, they're liable to deal a reliever signed to a one-year deal like Jonathan Broxton to a playoff contender, and the San Francisco Giants are reportedly checking him out.

The Giants are not the only team interested in Broxton, since he's rumored to the Mets every week or so. Mark Polishuk has the latest form MLB Trade Rumors:

The Giants have "heavily scouted" the Cubs' and Royals' Triple-A teams. The latter could be related to a possible move for Jonathan Broxton, who Baggarly says the Giants would be interested in "if the price drops." The Mets are one of several teams who are reportedly interested in acquiring Broxton.

Perhaps the Giants could trade Melky Cabrera back. Or, on a serious note, the Royals could definitely command a decent prospect back from San Francisco given Broxton's great season so far in 2012. Anything helps and, at this point, Broxton has no lasting value for the team if he's not going to be around in 2013.

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