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Jeremy Guthrie 'Close' To Being Traded To Royals For Jonathan Sanchez, According To Report

The Kansas City Royals are in discussion with the Colorado Rockies to trade pitcher Jonathan Sanchez to Colorado for pitcher Jeremy Guthrie, according to a Fox Sports report.

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Starting pitching is an area that many people have speculated that the Kansas City Royals would be addressing at some point before the trade deadline. If a recent Fox Sports report is confirmed, the Royals may get Colorado Rockies pitcher Jeremy Guthrie in return for pitcher Jonathan Sanchez

Guthrie has not had a good season up in the thin air of Denver. He is currently 3-9 with a 6.35 ERA in 15 starts. Guthrie has struck out 45 batters but has also walked 31 batters and has allowed 21 home runs. Given the reputation for Coors Field as not the most friendly place for pitchers, some of these numbers can be attributed to pitching in a hitters park.

The Royals are looking for any possible help to improve their rotation going forward. While Guthrie has not had the most successful tenure as a starter in the Major League, the right hander can win.