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Royals Send Jonathan Sanchez To Rockies For Jeremy Guthrie

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The trade that has the Kansas City Royals sending pitcher Jonathan Sanchez to the Colorado Rockies in exchange for Jeremy Guthrie has finally become official. The move was in the early stages on Friday before becoming official on Sunday.

Gunthrie is excited to be getting a fresh start in Kansas, but is upset he did not pitch well enough to stay with the Rockies:

"I'm excited," Guthrie said. "The first thought is disappointment that I couldn't hold up my end of the bargain in Colorado and help that team win games, which I think they were built to do at the start of this year.

"But as I looked at what was in my future and I look at the Royals, I see a perfect fit there. I'm excited to play with the guys that are down there. It's a young core of great baseball players and an organization that has been lauded recently for the moves and the progress they've made, and I really hope to come in there and be a large part of good things that we can do here in the near future."

The Royals are getting a pitcher in that Gunthrie had a 3-9, an ERA of 6.35 in 15 starts and 19 overall appearances with the Rockies. Gunthrie is also a nine-year vet and is going to be on his third team in two seasons.

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