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Felipe Paulino Injury Update: Royals Starter Sets Timeline To Return In May

The Kansas City Royals are going to need a major influx of talent in the starting rotation this offseason. That much was already clear last winter, but the team's lack of dependable options without any real depth to speak of kept the team from contending in 2012 the way they could have in a weakened AL Central. Unfortunately, even the injured guys are going to take some time to come back as Felipe Paulino set at a timetable recently of next May before coming back from Tommy John surgery.

"It's going to be long. I have to be patient with myself," Paulino said. "I know it's going to be long, but I'll try to go slow, like it's supposed to be and try to make it my goal to back next year by May."

For now, he's spending time working out with the training staff of the Royals in Kansas City while also learning more of the mental side of the game even if he can't physically perform. That's a facet that KC manager Ned Yost said would be good for Paulino and his teammate Danny Duffy to learn from -- given that neither pitcher will throw for the Royals for some time. Yet both also factor heavily into the team's future.

"It's good because they're both great guys. But it's good for them, too," Yost said. "Especially for Duffy to be here, watch games, learn from [pitching coach] Dave [Eiland] and watch how pitchers pitch. It's a learning experience for him, too. So it's good for both of them."

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