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Royals Trade Rumors: Angels Interested In Jose Mijares

The Los Angeles Angels are getting an up-close look at the Kansas City Royals roster as the two teams continue their series this week, but the AL West contenders might be looking more at one player than anyone else. Jose Mijares is apparently a potential trade target for the team as they consider an addition to their bullpen before the MLB trade deadline.

The Royals brought in Mijares on a one-year deal from the Minnesota Twins in the offseason, and it's not surprising that the lefty is drawing such interest. He's enjoying a career year in Kansas City going 2-1 with a 1.72 ERA in 46 appearances. It's also proof that relievers fluctuate far too often year to year to offer up multi-year contracts to most when options like Mijares become available late in the offseason each winter.

Expect the Royals to move Mijares if the right offer comes along.