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Royals Trade Rumors: Marlins Josh Johnson Reportedly In Dayton Moore's Sights

The Kansas City Royals have assets on both sides to move at the upcoming trade deadline. They could become buyers despite their losing record if the right starting pitcher came along with team control for another year or two with the prospect depth they have built. On the other hand, they also have some veteran assets to sell for parts including bullpen arms like Jose Mijares and Jon Broxton. One rumor has them checking on adding a great pitcher: the Marlins Josh Johnson.

Jayston Stark has the latest column up about a number of trade rumors, and he says the Miami Marlins are very reluctant to let their starter go given his history of production. However the team has also been selling off other assets in recent days, including Hanley Ramirez. The Royals are listed among the teams inquiring about his availability.

Stark writes, "The list of clubs that are likely to make a run at this guy -- or already have -- includes the Red Sox, Angels, Rangers, White Sox, Blue Jays and Royals. But the message they're hearing back from the Marlins is that Johnson is the toughest player on their roster to trade, with the possible exception of Giancarlo Stanton."

It would likely the cost the Royals a pretty penny to get Johnson. Wil Myers is likely out of the question, but the Royals could pony up a couple of other strong prospects to make it work. Johnson is signed through 2013 with a hefty $13.75 million price tag for next season.

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