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Milwaukee Brewers Sign Former Royals Catcher Humberto Quintero

Some players can't seem to catch a break. Others have no problem finding a job. Even though Humberto Quintero hits around the Mendoza line and cannot even seem to stay healthy with back issues, he continues to find job after job in the Major Leagues even as a fringe player. The Milwaukee Brewers are reportedly the latest to sign him after being cut loose from the Kansas City Royals. This comes after he was traded to KC by the Houston Astros. Three teams in 2012 for such a veteran catcher. Go figure.

The Royals initially traded for Quintero along with Jason Bourgeois to help make up for the half-season loss of Salvy Perez at catcher. Once Perez came back, it wasn't long before Quintero was placed on waivers and ultimately released.

Quintero owns a .232 batting average this season with 1 home run and 19 RBI.