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MLB All-Star Game: Royals Unveil 'Vote Broxton' Campaign For Final Vote

The Firestone Final Vote is a chance for fans to add one more player to the official rosters of the American League and National League for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game. The game is going to be held in Kansas City this year, which means that local fans will get a chance to see Billy Butler play in his first All-Star Game. However fans can help vote in another since Jonathan Broxton is among the five finalists contending for the AL's slot.

The most high profile candidate going for it is likely Jake Peavy of the Chicago White Sox. The former Cy Young winner for the Padres is still a well-known pitcher. Yu Darvish is also the darling import of the Texas Rangers this offseason and both are worthy candidates. But Broxton has 20 saves for a surprising Royals team and has anchored a unit in trouble due to injury this year.

The Royals have unveiled a Vote Broxton campaign which you can find out more about at the team's official site. Fans who vote for Broxton can get cheaper tickets, and fans are also encouraged to use the #VoteBroxton hashtag on Twitter.