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Mike Moustakas Developing Just As Kansas City Royals Envisioned

The Kansas City Royals drafted Mike Moustakas with visions of what took place last night on the road against the Toronto Blue Jays.

With his first ever career grand slam, and the first of the season for the Royals, Moustakas is now up to 14 home runs and 43 RBI on the season, and it's clear the third baseman is getting better with every game. Even better, the Royals crushed Ricky Romero and the Jays last night 11-3 with an offensive output that would give any pitcher confidence.

Moustakas is used to hearing "Moose" when he's at the plate, but he joked after the game that he wasn't certain what he was hearing from the stands at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

"I think they were booing me," Moustakas said after the game. "No, I really didn't hear anything, I was just kind of caught up in the moment, just enjoying it. It was cool to hit my first grand slam.

"It was really cool," Moustakas added. "I got a good pitch to hit, fastball in the middle of the plate and just tried not to do too much with it, tried to get the guy in from third and I was fortunate enough it carried out of the yard."

The team took Moustakas at No. 2 overall in the 2007 MLB Draft and he went on to become celebrated at every level of the minor leagues. Early ML hitting woes gave way with consistent reps and the Royals stuck with Moustakas despite any struggles. Now they are reaping the rewards of that commitment and vision.

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