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MLB Trade Rumors: Royals Still Holding Jonathan Broxton, Jose Mijares As Deadline Nears

The MLB trade deadline is near and the news for the Kansas City Royals, at least so far, is the calm over the newswire at this point. Despite a losing record and the presence of veterans like Jonathan Broxton, Jose Mijares and others who could help a competitive team, the Royals have yet to make a move which has fans wondering what exactly they should expect.

An outfielder like Jeff Francoeur is easily traded after the deadline since no team would ever claim his contract with his current production. For now the team is likely to hang onto the right fielder and hope his performance improves to gain at least something from him, since Wil Myers is the long-term answer at the position.

Expect one of the veteran relievers to make it out of KC despite the late notice. The Royals need a deep bullpen, veterans or not, given the state of their starting rotation, but moving at least one of those two makes more sense than not.

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