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MLB All-Star Final Vote: Royals Get Behind Jonathan Broxton

Over at, writer Dick Kaegel makes a convincing argument for Kansas City Royals closer Jonathan Broxton to be considered in the fans' "final vote" for the 2012 All-Star Game in Kansas City, in which fans will select among a group of eligible players for the final roster spot on the AL and NL teams.

Broxton's story is an All-Star comeback, having appeared twice as a Los Angeles Dodger, most recently as 2010. But bone spurs in his right elbow nearly destroyed Broxton's career before he's returned this season to notch 20 saves with a 2.05 ERA for the Royals. Now manager Ned Yost is leading the campaign:

"You can vote numerous times and it doesn't take long," Yost said. "We try to vote [for a] half-hour every day and get as many votes as we can. If we can just get the city behind us, we will have two All-Stars."

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