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Erin Andrews To Make FOX Debut At MLB All-Star Game

Sportswriters and anchors are supposed to report the news, not make it. But occasionally a personality who typically serves as a medium for information becomes the subject of it. When Erin Andrews earned such a high profile after her stint on Dancing With The Stars, she became one of the most talked about sportscasters around, and her recent move from ESPN to Fox Sports has been documented in multiple places.

Now it's clear that Andrews will be making her debut with FOX in Kansas City of all places.

While it's hardly a lead story of any kind, it will be an interesting media subplot to follow for those interested to see how she's used by her new network and how she handles the transition. Some praise Andrews while others denounce her, but she's earning attention one way or the other. Whether positive or negative, FOX has people talking about her which is a good thing in terms of the bottom dollar.

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