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MLB Trade Rumors: Jonathan Broxton Could Land Royals Unexpected Assets

With the MLB trade deadline approaching at the end of this month, Kansas City Royals' closer Jonathan Broxton is reportedly on the market. SB Nation's Grant Brisbee had some thoughts on the Broxton trade market today over at Baseball Nation, and he thinks the Royals have put themselves in an excellent position by making something out of nothing.

Bullpens are one of the most unpredictable parts of baseball. One man's trash can quickly become another man's treasure, as generally second-rate arms put together a good season one year and implode the next. Broxton seemed to be a downward trend this offseason, but Brisbee writes that the Royals now have a chance to add some nice assets:

And that means things are looking up for the Royals, Astros, Padres ... heck, maybe even the Twins, if Matt Capps gets back before the deadline. Baseball's an unfair game, but every so often, a team that needs a break can find one when they trade a reliever at the deadline. Six months ago, would you have thought you'd read an article about the burgeoning Jonathan Broxton trade market? Of course not. That's the point.

It's a good break for Kansas City as bullpen arms are always in demand at the deadline, as would-be contenders try to shore up the weak spots on their roster.

For more on the Royals and the Broxton trade rumors, visit Royals Review. For all your MLB news as the trade deadline approaches, stick with Baseball Nation.