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Royals Owner David Glass Cuts Off All-Star FanFest Interview

Royals owner David Glass apparently doesn't like questions about his, um, ownership.

During an interview with 610 Sports at the Bartle Hall FanFest, Glass walked off the set after questions turned toward his management of the organization. Here are some snippets of the transcript, from

Parkins: You would never consider selling the team?

Glass: No.

Parkins: What do you say to fans who would like you to sell the team?

Glass: Uhh, yeah, I'm sorry.

Parkins: Do you know where that comes from?

Glass: I don't have a clue, I have no idea

And here's how the interview ended:

Parkins: Would you be willing to operate a season at a loss in order to sign a big time....

Glass: We... We've done that before and I suppose we'd do it again.

Parkins: We're talking with Royals owner David Glass here on the Danny Parkins show.... Putting the
microphone down? Oh... oh... alright. Thank you sir for coming on the show he just put the microphone
down and walked away

Not a good way to kick off a major highlight in what has been a forgettable decade-plus for the Royals.

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