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MLB All-Star Game: Royals Mark Redman Ranks Among 'Worst Selections Of All-Time'

Every year a team has to send someone to the Major League Baseball All-Star game, no matter how bad their team is. That means that every team and fan base has representation in the mid-summer classic. However if a team is truly horrible, then that also secures a spot for a player who definitely does not deserve it. Thus Al Yellon over at Baseball Nation was able to put together a list of the "Worst All-Star Selections In Baseball History" and find several candidates in the process.

For the Kansas City Royals, their entry comes with the most recent player in Yellon's list: Mark Redman in the 2006 All-Star Game.

"Redman, who had some decent seasons prior (including for the 2003 Marlins, where he got a World Series ring), was pretty bad by the time he was selected as the Royals rep to this game -- he had a 5.27 ERA at the break, and did not play in the All-Star Game," writes Yellon.

"He was probably the best pick, though; I couldn't find a better 2006 Royal who could have been their lone All-Star; that team was 31-56 at the break and their best overall hitter was probably Mark Teahen, who was hitting .260/.319/.448 at All-Star time."