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Home Run Derby: Robinson Cano, Jose Bautista Considered Favorites

There are only eight possibilities that could potentially be named the Home Run Derby champion of 2012 during Major League Baseball's All Star Festivities, but it's clear that mostly everyone believes it will come down to Jose Bautista and Robinson Cano when all is said and done. Judging by the experts opinions at ESPN, the majority of responses come down to one of those two.

Bautista is understandable since he has 27 home runs by the All Star Break and has been one of baseball's greatest sluggers over the last few seasons. As for Cano, he won the event last year, so this is his crown to defend. Last year, Cano took down Adrian Gonzalez for the title.

Others receiving multiple nods include Prince Fielder and Mark Trumbo. The one player no one is really giving a shot is Carlos Gonzalez of the Colorado Rockies. He might be the one to surprise the field.

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