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VIDEO: Robinson Cano Booed During Home Run Derby

The Kansas City crowd was going to be a bit tough on Robinson Cano and everyone should have realized that heading into Monday night's Home Run Derby. What everyone might not have known was just how bad it would be and how poor Cano's performance would be on the night. The Yankees star second baseman even acknowledged the crowd's negative response as he stepped up to the plate. In short, it was awkward all around.

Cano was booed by Royals fans and the local crowd for saying that it would be a nice gesture to put a Royals player in the Home Run Derby and then failing to follow up on that. Mike Moustakas would have been a nice addition as would Billy Butler. Of course, other players are more deserving, but don't say anything like that if you cannot follow up. Then again, booing a guy for going back on a promise like that is a bit over the top.

Anyway, here's a taste of the drama tonight at Kauffman.

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