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The Jonathan Broxton Trade Through The Eyes Of A Royals Facebook Fan

Now that Jonathan Broxton officially plays for the Cincinnati Reds, you know my thoughts if you read my feature yesterday. I'll spare the details, as RoyalsRetro did a solid job reporting on the trade over at our sister website Royals Review.

I will say I am pleasantly surprised with the return, as the more I read up on Donnie Joseph and J.C. Sulbaran, the more I am intrigued by each player. Joseph is a left-handed reliever that is another option for the Royals to put in the bullpen alongside Tim Collins. Joseph may be more than just a LOOGY as well, as he has shown the ability to get both right and left-handed hitters out.

Sulbaran is a starter who will likely be another back end of the rotation starter, but has the stuff to be a #3 guy if he were to reach his ceiling. I am a big proponent of continuing to build the farm system, especially the pitching staff. Even if Joseph is simply another Tim Collins, this is a winning trade for the Royals.

Though Kansas City did look good on the field in Tuesday night's victory over the Cleveland Indians, it was a poor month of July for the boys in blue. This just added to point that it was wise to trade a closer who would be a free agent at the end of the year.

In closing, I have decided to include what I find as some of the more humorous statements I saw on both facebook and at the Kansas City Star's website in their mentions of the trade. Facing a tough season, enjoying a good laugh is healthy for everyone. Obviously I will not include any names, but here are my favorite 10 from facebook. I hope you enjoy getting the amusement out of them that I did. And always feel free to leave comments for us below as well-

10. Broxton certainly wasn't good, but we could have gotten a lot more than that.

9. Stupid move KC

8. WTH!!

7. Same old Royals. Toss away a valuable commodity for cheap prospects that keep operating costs in the black. Sell the team, Mr. Moore!

6. Great just like every other year, the Royals get someone for a bargain and then when they are doing good ship them off. Didn't work out to well for you with Melky Cabrera for Jonathon Sanchez did it Dayton

5. why do the royals always trade the best guys! obviously it hasent helped them so hold on to them.

4. Wow u guys would trade our closer good move dumbos!

3. here am i thinking Bronson Arroyo??? Mike Leake????? Matt Latos?????? of course the royals get two more young unproven players..

2. big mistake thanks glass family and dayton moore for ruining kc baseball

1. same ol royals

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