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Red Sox-Dodgers Trade Rumors Not Stopping Josh Beckett From Making Saturday Start

When the rumored Red Sox-Dodgers deal finally goes down, the Boston line-up and pitching staff will look radically different. For now, the Kansas City Royals will continue to face the familiar faces of Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett until the deal is finished. Beckett is the starter slated to take the mound in today's game against KC and until the deal is official, Beckett will still do so despite the trade rumors, per Nick Cafardo.

Beckett, Gonzalez, Nick Punto and Carl Crawford are part of a rumored mega-deal with the Dodgers that would go down as one of the biggest deals money-wise in baseball history with two $100 million players involved. The Sox are hitting "reset" and getting some nice arms in return, but the biggest asset for the Sox is the financial freedom they will have.

For now the Royals will face Beckett (5-11, 5.23) from the mound while countering with their own red-hot starter Jeremy Guthrie in response. If changes are made, the Royals could be the first team to see the new look Sox.

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