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Kyle Zimmer's Elbow Surgery Predicted Before MLB Draft

The Kansas City Royals had another pitcher shut down for the 2012 season on Thursday of this week with word that Kyle Zimmer, the team's first round selection, would have elbow surgery that would end his year. However instead of the typical disastrous quotes that accompany such news, it's clear the team knew all along that this procedure was coming, even before drafting him.

"This procedure was anticipated for Kyle upon physical exam during the Draft selection process, so it did not come as a surprise," head athletic trainer Nick Kenney said in a statement. "We feel very good about the outcome, and expect a full recovery in six-to-eight weeks. We do not anticipate this procedure will alter any of Kyle's offseason preparation for the 2013 season."

"Going into the Draft, it was documented in some publications that he had loose bodies in there so we knew it, and that at some point in the next six to 12 months that he was probably going to have to have them removed, and our medical team decided it was time to go ahead and get it done," Moore said. "But everything looks good."

Zimmer looked great in his few starts for the Royals minor league teams in Rookie and A ball with a 3-3 combined record and a 2.04 ERA in 9 starts. The team insists he'll be fully ready for the 2013 season.