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Royals Vs. Rangers: Friday's Lineups Announced

Fresh off a sweep of the Indians, the Royals look to continue to momentum against the two-time defending AL champion Texas Rangers. The Royals won both previous games against Texas in mid-May. The lineups for Friday's series-opener have been announced.

Here is the Royals lineup:

1. Alex Gordon LF

2. Alcides Escobar SS

3. Lorenzo Cain CF

4. Billy Butler DH

5. Salvador Perez C

6. Jeff Francoeur RF

7. Eric Hosmer 1B

8. Yuniesky Betancourt 3B

9. Chris Getz 2B

Here is the Rangers lineup:

1. Ian Kinsler 2B

2. Elvis Andrus SS

3. Josh Hamilton CF

4. Adrian Beltre 3B

5. Nelson Cruz RF

6. Michael Young DH

7. David Murphy LF

8. Geovany Soto C

9. Mitch Moreland 1B

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