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Royals Replace First Base Coach Doug Sisson With Rusky Kuntz

While it's clear the Kansas City Royals are not going to make any sweeping or major changes this season, or even this offseason, for a team that's so young, they are frustrated enough to at least make some smaller moves. That came as bad news recently to first base/baserunning coach Doug Sisson, who was let go and replaced by Rusty Kuntz this weekend.

"Doug was a guy who worked his tail off, but as an organization, we thought it was time to make a change," manager Ned Yost said. "Rusty was available, and working as a Minor League outfield and baserunning coordinator with all our young kids, and we're lucky to have Rusty -- he's one of the best in the business."

Kuntz has been a coach for five other organizations and Yost spoke highly of the new addition to the Major League staff.

"Rusty's been in this organization for a long time. We felt a change was warranted, and we brought Rusty back," Yost said. "Doug did a great job for us, [but] we felt a change was needed. Rusty is the one who made Alex Gordon a left fielder, he's been with (Jarrod) Dyson and (Lorenzo) Cain, working with them."