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Royals Give Away Jose Mijares For Absolutely Nothing In Return

Technically, the Kansas City Royals lost Jose Mijares in a waiver claim to the San Francisco Giants. Unofficially, the Royals somehow keep giving the Giants more assets for the heck of it, after already being taken in a trade last offseason in the Melky Cabrera-Jonathan Sanchez deal.

It's hard to tell what to make of today's announcement that the Royals had waived Mijares and yet failed to pull him back after he was claimed. Instead of working out a minor deal with the Giants to gain some asset, the team just wanted to move on from a pitcher with a 2.56 ERA all season.

"Jose did a perfect job for us," general manager Dayton Moore said. "We just felt that after some opportunities to move him fell through, we needed to give those innings to other pitchers that potentially are going to be a part of our future."

"For us, really, he wasn't a guy that was going to be a long-term fix," manager Ned Yost added. "We wanted to look at Bueno, who's been up here on short stints before and has been throwing well at Triple-A. [He] could be more of a long-term option for us."

So instead of moving an asset for, you know, an asset in return, the Royals chose to give away, literally, a player who has actually done well for them in 2012 -- one of the few. Go figure.

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