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2013 MLB Schedule Release: Royals Open Season With White Sox

Kansas City will play 76 divisional and 20 interleague games as part of MLB's new scheduling system.

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MLB announced the release of the 2013 schedule on Wednesday, as the league transitions to a new era with exactly 15 teams in each league and interleague play every day.

The Houston Astros are moving from the NL Central to the AL West, creating six five-team divisions and allowing the league to create a more one size fits all type of scheduling system.

Each MLB team will play 76 divisional games, 20 interleague games and 66 games against the other 10 teams in their league, which should create a more equitable system in terms of schedule strength across MLB.

For the Kansas City Royals, perhaps the biggest difference will be the back-to-back home-and-home series with the St. Louis Cardinals, as the two Midwestern teams have been denoted as "traditional rivals".

The Royals open the season with a six-game road swing against the Chicago White Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies, while their home opener will be a three-game series against the Minnesota Twins on April 8.

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