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Coming To Terms With 1985 And The Last Royals World Series

We take a quick glimpse back at what the top song and movie were on the day that Kansas City clinched the 1985 World Series and the Royals wore the crown of baseball.

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We are a few weeks away from playoff baseball, and technically the Kansas City Royals aren't officially out the playoff race. That chance is slim though, as the Kansas Jayhawks probably have a better chance of beating TCU in football this weekend as the Royals do of making the playoffs.

On a positive note, it's nice to realize that Kansas City has a better record than the Boston Red Sox at the moment.

However, 27 years is a long time and for a perspective I decided to do a little glimpse into the past at what was popular during that World Series run in 1985. When the series started, the number one song on the radio charts was a-ha's Take On Me. Sadly, one of the lyrics for that song was some good foreshadowing into the future of the Royals... "Ill be gone in a day or two".

On October 27th, as Daryl Motley got his glove around Andy Van Slyke's fly ball to right field for the final out, Stevie Wonder's "Part-Time Lover" had just debuted as the top song.

At the box office, the Jeff Bridges and Glenn Close movie, Jagged Edge, had just taken over the top spot in the box office list for movies of the week. It must not have been very good, as it was only nominated for once Academy Award, which it did not win. For those scoring at home, Out of Africa was the picture of the year. The original Back To The Future was the top grossing movie of the year.

Thankfully via the wonders of YouTube, there is a recording of Denny Matthews' call from that 1985 World Series. However the numbing fact is that only 21 of the current 40 players on the Royals 40-man roster were even alive as of October 27th, 1985.

In another lost season where Kansas City was feed the kool-aid that it is our time, 1985 truly was their time for Kansas City and their fans. Here's to hoping 2013 is a step towards that era again.