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Does Dayton Moore Deserves Same Level Of Criticism As Scott Pioli?

The Kansas City Royals under general manager Dayton Moore have been terrible for years, but Royals Review writer Connor Moylan is dumbfounded why Moore doesn't elicit the same vitriol from the local media that the Kansas City Chiefs' brass, especially Scott Pioli, has after the Chiefs' 0-2 start.

While hardly giving Pioli a pass, Moylan simply replaces the Chiefs' executive's name with Moore's and finds the arguments from the local KC media are basically interchangeable. He uses this passage, among others, as an example:

Pioli has spent too much time trying to justify his decisions, rather than trying to improve them ... compiling ultimately meaningless statistics in an attempt to spin unpopular draft choices and questionable spending habits into a more favorable light.

Moylan's analysis:

Moore and Yost often cite statistics that have little relevance to the Royals current situation, or are easily debunked with some higher level analysis.

So why does Moore not face the same level of criticism as Pioli? Moylan lists his three reasons:

  • Most people seem to think the Chiefs were a better football team when Pioli took over than when Moore took control of the Royals, so Moore needs more time.
  • There is a general belief that it's easier to turn around a football team than a baseball team, so Pioli should get the job done faster.
  • Moore is handicapped by David Glass being cheap, while Pioli not spending money has as much to do with his personal choice than Clark Hunt ordering him too.
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