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Salvador Perez Injury: Royals Catcher Ready To Return

As the Kansas City Royals get ready to try and spoil the postseason hopes for the Detroit Tigers, they may be getting good news in the return of Salvador Perez. Perez had missed the Royals' last series against the Indians because of slight injuries to his hands, and was held out of the lineup by manager Ned Yost despite his reported pleas to be played:

"He was politicking last night to play today, but no," manager Ned Yost said before Sunday's series finale against the Indians.

The catcher has hit .300 with 11 home runs, 16 doubles and 36 RBIs in 67 games so far this season after starting his season late due to an injury. The Royals begin their four-game set with the Tigers on Monday night as they play a makeup game from April.

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