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Royals Vs. Tigers: Detroit Takes 6-2 Win

The Detroit Tigers took a 6-2 win over the Kansas City Royals in the first game of their four-game set, taking the game that was originally postponed back in April.

Both starting pitchers lasted well into the eighth inning, with Luke Hochevar putting up an efficient game despite the four earned runs he allowed on 11 hits. He was replaced by Nathan Adcock after allowing two baserunners and recording an out in the bottom of the eighth. Adcock allowed one of the baserunners to score and make it 6-2. Justin Verlander struck out eight on 114 pitches before being pulled prior to the start of the ninth inning.

Detroit's win is a big one for its AL Central hopes, with the Chicago White Sox currently in a tough battle with the Cleveland Indians. At the start of the day, they sat only a game up on the Tigers and a loss to the Indians would level the standings.

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