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Jake Odorizzi Says Royals Debut Was 'Pretty Calm'

Rookie hurler Jake Odorizzi will be getting his second start ever with the Kansas City Royals some point soon, more than likely. He got his first-ever taste of major league action on Sunday as he started during KC's eventual 15-4 loss to the Cleveland Indians. The loss wasn't completely on his shoulders, as the rookie pitched 5-1/3 innings while only allowing three runs.

Talking after that game, Odorizzi said that even with a large group of family and friends watching him in his first ever MLB start, he was still able to keep his cool as the game went along:

"I wasn't that bad, to tell you the truth," Odorizzi said. "I think it really helped that I have five days to watch the games prior to this, leading up to it, and when it was my turn it was like a normal start going out there. I wasn't too jittery. ... I was pretty calm."

Odorizzi isn't penciled into any future starts quite yet, though he could be the pitcher to fill the first game against the Indians on Friday as the two teams head into another series.