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Alex Gordon, Jeff Francoeur bolster Royals' defense

Jeff Francoeur is gunning for Alex Gordon's Royals outfield assists record, currently set at 20. Francoeur has 19 assists on the season; the whole team has recorded 48, a total which leads the second-place Athletics by 12. Gordon says that he'd like to see Francoeur at least join him in the team record books:

"He's trying really hard to get it. He's telling me he wants to get it and tie me, and if there's any guy that I want to share the record with, it's my good friend Frenchy," Gordon said.

"So I hope he gets it. I hope he doesn't beat me but [that he] ties me so we can share it together."

Gordon has 14 assists in the 2012 season. Jarrod Dyson has assisted on eight plays, and Jason Bourgeois and Lorenzo Cain have three assists each. Eric Hosmer has also chipped in one assist in his 16 innings played this year in right field.