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Charlie Weis impressed by Big 12 offenses

Kansas coach Charlie Weis knows that most Big 12 teams can score, a lot

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

First-year Kansas head coach Charlie Weis has seen enough of the Big 12 to know that most teams in the conference can fill up the scoreboard. Weis had this to say about the diversity and potency of Big 12 offenses in his weekly press conference Tuesday:

The team we played last week, which is, you know, a top 10 team, is totally different in what they do philosophically than the team we play this week. And the team we play this week, I'm sure, by the time I start watching them bunch next week, there will be big differences there, too. So as bad as it is being the head coach, I think the worst job in the Big 12 is to be a defensive coordinator. I mean, you should just sign up for gray hair, you know, because it's a tough job.

The top 10 team Weis refers to was Kansas State, who dropped 56 points on the Jayhawks in Manhattan last Saturday. In Big 12 play, Weis' team still has to visit Oklahoma (averaging over 38 points per game), host Texas (averaging over 45 ppg), visit Baylor (scored 63 points in a loss this year), and ends the season at no. 5 West Virginia (52 ppg).

Kansas hosts Oklahoma State -- the No. 1 offense in the nation in points per game -- at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence at 3:30 p.m. ET. The Cowboys are favored by 24 in the matchup of two teams who still need a Big 12 win.