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Oklahoma State vs. Kansas score update: Cowboys extend lead to 17-0 after three quarters

A 72-yard touchdown pass extended Oklahoma State's lead to 17 in the third quarter.

Brett Deering - Getty Images

After a 10-0 first half in favor of the Oklahoma State Cowboys, the third quarter began in a very similar fashion as the first half. With a turnover on downs for the Jayhawks.

Kansas seemingly refused to punt in the first half and continued that trend, but also continued their trend of unsuccessful fourth down attempts. With the ball on their own 28 yard line, the Cowboys took advantage on the first play with a 72-yard touchdown pass from J.W. Walsh to Charlie Moore.

With the score, Oklahoma State extended their lead to 17-0 and forced three Jayhawks punts in the remainder of the third quarter to hold the shutout through three quarters.

After three quarters, Oklahoma State has out-gained Kansas 309 yards to 236, but with four turnovers on downs for the Jayhawks, have been able to take advantage of several times that KU passed on the opportunity to kick a field goal. Barring a big fourth quarter comeback, Kansas is en route to a fifth consecutive loss.